Your favourite runs!

Your favourite runs!

We asked the question on Instagram "what your favourite race" and received many inspiring answers and share some of them here. We'd love to hear what you're up to so we can follow you and also highlight what you're doing so that others can follow and be motivated. If you want to tell us more about a challenge you have going on, email us and tell us with a picture so we can highlight you in our blog and in our social channels.  Contact:

Looking forward to hear from you!

1. Icebug West Coast Challenge

2. Torekov-Båstad

3. Kullamannen

4. Sthlm Marathon

5. Arctic CIrcle Race Arjeplog

6. Sjöloppet Eksjö 

7. Rosabandet

8. Göteborgsvarvet

9. Ruska Halvmaraton Levi Finland

10. Trailvasan 30km Oxberg Mora

11. Tjejmilen

12. Nice Cannes Marathon 


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