Ambassador Christina

Ambassador Christina

Christina is one of our ambassadors running our 20-week training programme for Medium Distance Triathlon, 70.3 or also called a Half Ironman. Follow her for updates on how she train. 

You can find the programmes here >>

Repost @christinas_stories_ofmovement "In my 20 week training programme with @sheriseac there was a calm long session on the bike today. A session that I would have loved to take outdoors 🚴🤗. It would have been pure joy 🙏👍🤗! But ❄️ ❄️ and slippery ground put an end to it and instead it had to be three (!) Hours indoors on the trainer. Not the most fun session of the week directly 😉 o at least as much forehead bone as physique was trained, but in honour of the day it was cycled to a very long ABBA list. What a fantastic song treasure they have created! "

Picture from Christinas Instagram.

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