What is Hyrox?

What is Hyrox?

Our new collaboration - meet HYROX!

We are so happy to welcome Hyrox to us! What does it mean to run a race? At a HYROX event, everyone competes in the same race and format:

The race starts with a 1km run, followed by a functional exercise. This is repeated eight times with different functional exercises between runs.
Participants can compete in different categories, depending on their level:

  • Individual- You do everything yourself.
  • Individual Pro- Same race but heavier weights for a greater challenge.
  • Double - two by two, run together and share the stations.
  • Relay Teams-a group of four people who share the exercises and running between them so that they do a total of 2km of running each and two stations. Perfect with workout buddies or office acquaintances! We recommend many people to try this format during HYROX Sthlm!
The different functional stations are:

Sled push
Sled pull
Burpee broad jumps
Farmers carry
Sandbag lunges
Wall balls

During the race you have a chip around your foot, which records your entire race and makes sure everyone follows the rules. You will be timed on all the events and can use these in your future training. Which element did you dominate and which one do you want to practise more!

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