A Bikefit involves four stages:

Step 1 - Initial Recordings
Initial recordings are taken to establish a baseline before any changes are made to the bike. This is a good way to see how the bike position has changed over the course of the bikefit.

Step 2 - Biomechanical assessment
The biomechanical assessment is based on the cyclist's flexibility and strength. This also influences how the bike should be set up for the best position for the user. It also gives an idea of what exercises you need to practise at home.

Step 3 - On bike adjustments
This is where changes are made to the bike (e.g. components, positioning). Recordings are made throughout this step to keep track of progress.

Step 4 - Detailed Bikefit report
After the bikefit, a detailed report is provided. The report includes the changes made to the bike, final measurements, pre- and post-fit videos and recommended exercises.
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