Philip from @KonditionsLabbet

Philip from @KonditionsLabbet

We are thrilled to have Philip on board as our new running coach. Below are his own thoughts on our collaboration. 

"I am so incredibly happy and enthusiastic to present the collaboration between Konditionslabbet and She Rise Athletic Club where I have the privilege to support you with running.

With a passion for running and experience in biomechanics and physiology, I am ready to, together with you, take your running to new levels. I have a background in running and coaching where I have worked with runners at all levels, from beginners to experienced athletes.

- Over the years, I have developed an understanding of how to create effective training programs that promote the joy of movement, reduce the risk of injury, and maximize performances.

With a combination of shared training methods and personalized support I will guide you towards your running goals, whether it's improving technique, increasing distances, or simply enjoying running even more. By sharing my passion and knowledge, I will create training programs and develop techniques to strengthen your running ability and improve performance in all aspects of running.

I am really looking forward to working together with you and helping you achieve your running goals".

Let's create great conditions for running together!

More about Philip and Konditionslabbet.

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